What Do You Know About Mouthwash?

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Think you’re a mouthwash genius, huh? Let’s put your understanding to the test. Here are four questions that will support you as you learn more about the power of mouthwash or as you prove that you’re already an expert:

1. This is the right amount of mouthwash to use.
a. 20 ml
b. 40 ml
c. 80 ml
d. 200 ml

2. This is the appropriate amount of time to wait before consuming food after rinsing with mouthwash.
a. 10 mins
b. 20 mins
c. 30 mins
d. 60 mins

3. Mouthwash helps improve your oral health by doing the following:
a. Making your breath smell better
b. Removing plaque and food remnants from your oral cavity
c. Improving your swishing muscles
d. Protecting your teeth from foods you consume after rinsing with mouthwash

4. Mouthwash generally comes in these two types:
a. General-use and specific-use
b. Completed-the-counter and prescription
c. Cosmetic and therapeutic
d. Flavored and unflavored

Answer key: A, C, B, C

How did you do? Were you the master you thought you were? We hope that this post has been educational for you, and we hope your teeth and gums are enjoying brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Have you been into our Northport, New York, office recently? Please call 631-262-0644 now to set up your next checkup with Dr. John Poulos and the staff at Northport Prosthodontics.