At Northport Prosthodontics, Dr. John Poulos and Dr. Jaime Poulos are dedicated to informing their patients on the prevention of dental health concerns. If you have any specific questions on dietary or oral hygiene suggestions, please feel free to call us at 631-262-0644 to reach our prosthodontists.

According to the American Dental Health Association, foods and drinks that benefit your muscles and bones are also good for teeth and gums. Calcium and Vitamin D help strengthen and re-mineralize the teeth; these ingredients can be found in most dairy products. Grains are a good source of Vitamin B, which is important for healthy gum tissue. Fruits and vegetables provide Vitamin C, which has a similar effect. Basic foods like milk and cheese raise the pH value of the mouth, preventing damage from acids. In fact, all food promotes saliva production, which helps maintain optimal pH value.

Exposure to sugar causes the most damage to teeth over time. It is important to remember that the amount of sugar consumed in a sitting is less important than how often the teeth are exposed, since it is exposure over time that leads to tooth decay. When sugar is present in the mouth, bacteria consume that as food, which allows them to multiply. Limiting sugar consumption to normal mealtimes is the best way to control this factor.

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