Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

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Even though it is important to brush and floss your teeth daily, most teeth cleaning habits are built to improve your oral health and lower your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. If you are ever looking for a better way to enhance the color and shine of your teeth, your best option would be a tooth whitening treatment.

The best way to drastically upgrade the color of your teeth naturally is through the use of a professional teeth whitener given directly under the guidance of your prosthodontists in Northport, New York. The product trays are customized for each patient to ensure the tightest and most precise possible hold for the highest possible treatment. The products used are also safe and extremely effective and are capable of potentially improving the color of your teeth by up to 10 full shades in a single visit.

Due to the usefulness of professional whiteners, they do not need to be applied constantly throughout the year. However, your teeth can still stain and discolor over time even after a treatment, so consider using at-home whitening kits, which can be given by our prosthodontists for use in your spare time to keep your smile shining.

No matter which oral health care treatment you desire, Dr. Poulos, Dr. Poulos, and our team at Northport Prosthodontics will make sure that your smile is properly treated. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 631-262-0644. The path to a healthy smile starts today!