Oral Health Issues with Serious Sickness

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There is a field of study within oral medicine that looks at the structure and function of diseases of the oral cavity. It is called Stomatology. While it is not yet recognized as a dental specialty as yet, it is poised to become an important science to understand the connection between overall body health and oral health.

There are serious illnesses in the world that present oral health issues alongside their accompanying body health problems. Heart disease has long been associated with gum disease, as has diabetes. HIV/AIDS and other systemic diseases like lupus all bring with them issues of oral health.

If you have poor health alongside your dental health issues, your dentist may recommend a specialist outside of dentistry to work with in tandem. Together, they may be able to do more for you by combining their efforts. For instance, using the diseases mentioned above, heart disease patients need the help of a cardiologist, Diabetics should be seeing and endocrinologist. Persons with HIV/AIDS need experts in immunology, and a lupus patient needs a rheumatologist.

It is of vital importance that persons with serious medical conditions that also have oral health issues see their dentist every six months. There may be some diseases that undiagnosed until dental problems arise..

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