Learn More About Dental Veneers and What They Offer

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A very popular option in cosmetic dentistry today, dental veneers are tooth-shaped shells made from porcelain that cover the front teeth to improve the quality and appearance of your teeth. Below we offer the benefits and limitations of dental veneers to ensure you have the information you need to help you achieve your dream smile.

Benefits of Dental Veneers
– You can improve the appearance of discolored or chipped teeth and make them look whiter, achieving a more beautiful smile, with dental veneers.
– Our dentist can often place a dental veneer in as little as two visits without the need for anesthesia.
– By placing dental veneers, we can protect your teeth with a durable material that supports the the tooth enamel.
– Dental veneers not only provide immediate results, they can last up to 20 years with proper care.
– The dental porcelain used at Northport Prosthodontics gives the appearance of natural teeth in addition to helping your smile be more stain resistant and aesthetic.

What to Keep in Mind About Dental Veneers
– Dental veneers may be more expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures due to their quality and long lifespan, but this can make them a very efficient smile investment.
– Dental veneers require long-term commitment to your new smile since the procedure is not reversible once completed.
– Because some tooth enamel is removed during the dental veneer placement process, it could result in mild tooth sensitivity when you eat hot or cold foods.
– Candidates for dental veneers need to have healthy teeth that are not affected by tooth decay or gum disease.

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