Handling an Orthodontic Emergency

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Do you have braces? Do you feel like you are constantly running from one activity in your life to another? We know that life can get incredibly busy and hectic, yet the little mishaps that occur do not seem to wait or slow down for us. In that spirit, we would like to explain what you can do if something goes wrong with your braces.

Protruding Wire
If a wire sticks out or breaks, it could irritate your cheek, gum or tongue. You can try using an eraser from a pencil to gently push it into a better position. If that doesn’t work, you can cover the end with some orthodontic wax, a piece of gauze or a cotton ball until you can see our prosthodontists. You should NOT try to cut the wire yourself.

Loose Bracket
A bracket could become loose after you eat something hard or sticky, or for a variety of other reasons. It can cause irritation to different areas of your mouth. You can use the orthodontic wax to help secure it and to provide a cushion between the bracket and your mouth until Dr. John Poulos can see you.

If you live near Northport, New York, and would like to know more about orthodontic emergencies, please contact Northport Prosthodontics at 631-262-0644. We want you to be confident in your care as we work together to straighten your smile.