Enhance Your Smile with CEREC® Treatments

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Are you interested in a CEREC® dental crown or dental fillings to improve your oral health and restore your smile this summer? With CEREC technology, your smile can look better than it has in years. If you are considering enhancing your smile with CEREC treatments, consider the following:

– CEREC technology is also helpful for dental fillings, as porcelain is extremely durable and capable of holding up well under the expected wear and tear of chewing and eating.

– CEREC crowns are often referred to as same-day crowns due to their ability to be placed in a single office visit.

– Dental crowns can last over a decade while protecting a tooth from decay and cavities.

– CEREC crowns erase the need for temporary crowns.

– CEREC crowns are mostly stain resistant and can imitate the natural look of real teeth.

– We can make sure your CEREC crowns can be easily adjusted during the design phase to ensure the tightest fit possible for your crowns.

– CEREC crowns place an importance on customizability, as they are built exactly for your oral health care needs and each tooth’s necessary treatment.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your possible CEREC treatment with Dr. John Poulos and our team at Northport Prosthodontics, please call 631-262-0644 to set up a visit to our office in Northport, New York. With the help of our team, the pathway to a better smile can be yours!