Are You Flossing Every Day? If So, Your Smile Will Thank You!

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Daily brushing and flossing are key to a healthy, vibrant smile. Specifically, the American Dental Association advises brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to get rid of plaque and oral debris. If you practice this recommended routine, along with bi-annual dental cleanings, you will be doing everything in your power to preempt gum disease and tooth decay.

Nowadays flossing is easier than ever. You aren’t limited to just dental wax or dental tape. Your local supermarket or drugstore offers interdental flossing choices such as dental picks, pre-threaded flossers, tiny brushes, oral irrigators, and wooden plaque removers.

We recommend that you experiment until you find a method that is convenient, easy, and therefore enjoyable to use. Don’t forget to choose products carrying the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance on the packaging, as this ensures that they have been rigorously tested and found to be safe and effective.

So, when should you floss? It’s up to you; just make sure to do it daily for best results. It doesn’t matter whether you floss at bedtime, first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the day after lunch. As long as you are cleaning those areas between the teeth, your teeth and gums will benefit. Also, you can opt to floss before or after you brush your pearly whites. Just be sure to do it!

To keep cavities and gingivitis away from your smile, floss once a day and your smile will thank you. For more information about flossing, or to address any oral health concerns you may have, our prosthodontists, Dr. John Poulos and Dr. Jaime Poulos are happy to help. Please call Northport Prosthodontics in Northport, New York, at 631-262-0644 today!