Caring For The Community

Northport Prosthodontics is elated to be your expert oral health care provider in the area of Northport, New York. To leave a review, reach out to us at 631-262-0644 to speak to our passionate staff or prosthodontists. The opportunity to serve you or your family will be taken eagerly and professionally, and you will see the quality standard of care we have provided for many generations and individuals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with Drs. John and Jaime Poulos.

I am sure that not many of us are excited about a visit to our dentist right? A visit with Dr Poulos is like a visit with a relative or an old friend. I had not visited a dentist in about 15 years and knew I was in for some major work. We’re talking rebuilding what little I had and more! On a recommendation from my children’s dentist I met Dr. Poulos and my life was changed from someone who always hid their smile to someone now who gets compliments every day about my beautiful smile. Not only is he friendly caring and kind he knows everything about dentistry and the latest technology. I have been a patient for about 15 years and no plans to leave ever! You will find a very warm welcome when you enter his office. I am never sitting in the waiting area behind several other people like some offices. It’s like he is just waiting for you each and every time. If you have a fear of dentist’s or need a lot of dental work please make an appointment with him. You will be very happy with the end result.

-Linda S.

Friendly and accommodating service; excellent dental care!!!

-Stephanie E.